More than just space for your creativity


  • Godox SL60W (daylight balanced) on castor wheels with a Godox P120H parabolic softbox
  • 4 x basic lightboxes with 135W bulb 5500K colour temperature
  • 2 x portable acoustic foam on stands
  • 2m x 3m white, green and black backdrops
  • 3m wide grey backdrop on castor wheels
  • Microphone boom arm
  • Black stool
  • 2 desk/table surfaces
  • Various chairs
  • 1 x artificial plant
  • 2000w ‘industrial’ heater
  • 2000w convection heater


  • Bathroom with easy access
  • Shower
  • Fridge stocked with canned soft drink cans (usually a selection of Coca Cola and Sprite)
  • Tea, coffee (pod and ground coffee) and water
  • Cookies and lollies